What is a Solar Eclipse Token?

It’s the first-of-its-kind token based Sol-ly on a solar event. Like the 2017 solar eclipse, this offering is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to invest in something that is as empty and vast as space itself.

What Makes This ICO so Special?

It’s the only ICO where you can get an ERC20 token that was minted during the 2017 solar eclipse. This ICO will never happen again!

How Many Tokens Will I Get Per ETH?

For each ether contributed, you will receive 92,955,807 Solar Eclipse Tokens (miles in an Astronomical Unit).

Why Should I Invest?

Solar Eclipse Tokens provide zero utility and zero guarantees for going to the moon, so you definitely shouldn’t. Unless you want to buy me beer with your ether. :)

Okay. I Get It. How Do I Invest Despite Your Warnings?

For just over 5 hours, as the shadow of the moon dances across the United States of America, the contract will be available to receive contributions. Details of the exact start and end time, as well as contract address are below:

Token Sale Start Time: August 21, 2017 at 15:46:50 UTC
Token Sale End Time: August 21, 2017 at 21:04:21 UTC
Token Sale Duration: 5 hours, 17 minutes, 31 seconds

Contract Address: 0x51036B0029e95EcBcE4784df0A87987d1092eC7D

Frequently Asked Questions

Is This Legit?

Absolutely! Your ETH is going to a random web citizen and you’re getting some awesome pointless tokens in return!

What Can I Do With Solar Eclipse Tokens?

You can send, receive, and HODL just like any other ERC20 token out there, but that’s pretty much it.

Is There a Limit on the Number of Solar Eclipse Tokens That Can Be Minted?

Yes! The maximum number of Solar Eclipse Tokens that can be minted is 149,597,870,700 (meters in an Astronomical Unit). But unless someone sends me around 1610 ETH, the total supply will be much, much smaller.

How Many Tokens Are You Keeping For Yourself?

As the author of this token contract, I have chosen to keep approximately 2% of maximum supply, or 2,997,924,580 (speed of light in meters/second x 10) tokens, for myself.

Do You Hope To Get SET Listed On Exchanges?

Of course! That would make me extremely happy!

Why Are You Doing This?

I hope that some of you will make my dreams of a free ether beer or two come true!

Any Last Suggestions?

Get outside and enjoy the solar eclipse, and make sure to use protection!